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Maltese Sweet Cook Book

Maltese Sweet Cook Book

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I dedicate this book to my late parents whose formidable character has shaped who I am today. My mother had a genuine passion for food, which always inspired me with her innate ability to create culinary delights. Whilst my endeared and much loved father always supported my pursuits and natural talents. My thanks to them both.

Re-creating these traditional recipes, reminds me of my childhood experiences, helping mum in the kitchen (il Kcina) and her sharing of the creative process. It always felt special and now as an adult those memories are forged and embedded in my mind and heart forever.

This life journey is linked to our shared lineage and ancestry. The importance of keeping these timeless traditions alive, that continues to form a part of our national Identity. The flavors and aromas that transcend time, taking us back to the core of our being, which for me is an ultimate place of love.

Another aspect to this book was to display and share Malta’s provincial ambiance within its pages that help to reflect the intrinsic mood and feeling of my Island home. ALL recipes in this book have been tried and tested several times over. Personally created and photography by myself in my home kitchen, to ensure you achieve the results that are displayed before you throughout the book. Not simply images that are borrowed or downloaded from other sites (Stock Images). Traditional sweet recipes within the repertoire of Maltese Cuisine that have been adopted from Italian Influences have not been given an English translation in this book, as they are internationally recognized for their Italian name. For example Cannoli, Biscotti and Biscotti Napolitani. A sincere thanks and acknowledgement I give to my loving husband Daniele, who has encouraged and helped me in the creation of this book.

I wish you all many happy hours of re-creating Malta’s Traditional Sweet Recipes.

Sharon Catherine

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