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Maltese cooking volume 2

Maltese cooking volume 2

Mary Vassallo's Maltese Cooking

I have been cooking for many years and truly enjoy it. For me preparing a meal is more than just "putting food on the table" it is an expression of love for my family and friends, it's good for the soul.

Thank you to everyone who purchased my first book - for your letters of well wishes and the phone calls from all over Australia and abroad. Talking to you personally gave me a great deal of pleasure, your response support and encouragement has given me the confidence to publish my new book.

I hope it is received with the same warmth and enthusiasm and that it brings back some good memories to pass on to our future generations.

Contents includes:
Dips & Salads
Breads & Savouries
Soups & Vegetable
Pasta, Pastry, Pies & Pizza
Poultry & Game
Biscuits, Cakes & Slices
Confectionery & Sweets
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